Book Excerpt: The Leadership of Muhammad s.a.w

leadership of muhammad
THE LEADERSHIP OF MUHAMMAD S.A.W Authors: John Adair SALIENT POINTS >> A leader should exemplify or personify the qualities expected, required and admired in their working group >> A good shepherd/leader is interested in the welfare of people, not in fleecing them >> Practical wisdom is essentially the art of knowing the right thing to do at the right time and in the right way >> Integrity implies such rectitude that one is incorruptible or incapable of be...

Book Excerpt: The Leadership Code

the leadership code
THE LEADERSHIP CODE Authors: Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallword & Kate Sweetman Key Concept: * The Code Embodied Five Rules Which Represent About 60% To 70% Of What Makes An Effective Leader * The Code Help Us To Avoid The Trap Of Emphasizing One Element Of Leadership Over Other * Integrate Theory, Assessment Tools And Practical Example In A Way That Encourage Both Introspection And Incremental Development * Provide Structure and Guidance On What To Do To Be An Effective Leader An...

Book Excerpt: Blue Ocean Strategy

BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY (download) Authors: W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne Key Concepts Creating Blue Ocean Strategy The cornerstone of Blue Ocean Strategy is “value-innovation”. It is the interplay between company’s cost structure and its value proposition to buyers. Reconstruct Market Boundaries Six path frameworks in reconstructing market boundaries do not require special vision or foresight about future. Just look at familiar data from a new angle. Focus on the Big Picture ...