Book Excerpt: Authentic Leadership

AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP Authors: Bill George SNAPSHOT Bill George has every right to talk about leadership authenticity. Helmed Medronic, the world’s leading medical technology company from 1991-2001 he played the crucial part in catapulting the company in whatever measures of performance to its greater height. Tracing the causes of corporate scandals and failures of late to greed and “short-term-it is” he extol the role of values, purpose, compassion and self-discipline in building up aut...

Book Excerpt: 7 Lessons For Leading In Crisis

7 lessons for living in crisis
7 LESSONS FOR LIVING IN CRISIS Author: Bill George Key Concepts: * Understood Your Inner Compass To Navigate Through Treacherous Sea * Lead Through Crucible Experience * Treat Crisis As Serendipity To Reinvent Yourself And Your Company * The Seven Lessons Provide Strength And Vision To Lead In Any Crisis