Book Excerpt: Coolfarming

COOLFARMING Authors: Peter Gloor SALIENT POINTS Converting creative dreams into cool products by enlisting the help of dedicated and passionate collaborators To nurture your own Collaborative Innovation Network (COIN), a group of intrinsically motivated people assembled around a common vision Create a Collaborative Learning Network (CLN), whereby a targeted group of interested people are brought in to learn the basics of the product, make suggestion for improvements, point out d...

Book Excerpt: The Leadership of Muhammad s.a.w

leadership of muhammad
THE LEADERSHIP OF MUHAMMAD S.A.W Authors: John Adair SALIENT POINTS >> A leader should exemplify or personify the qualities expected, required and admired in their working group >> A good shepherd/leader is interested in the welfare of people, not in fleecing them >> Practical wisdom is essentially the art of knowing the right thing to do at the right time and in the right way >> Integrity implies such rectitude that one is incorruptible or incapable of be...

Book Excerpt: How The Mighty Fall

HOW THE MIGHTY FALL Authors: Jim Collins KEY CONCEPTS >> Every Institution, No Matter How Great Is Vulnerable To Decline >> Learn The Five Stages Of Decline >> By Understanding These Stages, The Chances Of Free Fall To The Bottom Can Be Reduced >> The Path To Recovery Lies Largely Within Our Own Hands Book Excerpt is published monthly. Email to to inquire for subscription.

Memupuk Budaya Innovasi

Earns Proctor and Gamble
Teras kepada model perniagaan sesebuah syarikat ialah innovasi yang berupaya menukar haluan [game-changing innovation]. Ini bukan sahaja penciptaan produk dan perkhidmatan baru tetapi juga keupayaan secara sistematik mengolah idea kepada produk dan perkhidmatan yang mengubah kontek dan hala tuju perniagaan. Bila tawaran itu disusuli dengan jualan yang kerap dan bertambah syarikat telah mengorak langkah kearena yang baru dan menguntungkan yang akhirnya akan diikuti oleh pesaing. Diantara contoh y...