Book Excerpt: Real Leadership

REAL LEADERSHIP Authors: Dean Williams SNAPSHOT Too many organizations today fall prey to “counterfeit” leadership - an unhealthy dependence on authority figures and relies on dominance, control and group seduction to get thing done. The true task of a leader, the author argues, is to get people to face reality of any situation themselves and develop strategies to deal with problems and take advantage of the opportunities. Written with a rare and unique global perspective the book en...

Book Excerpt: The Opposable Mind

THE OPPOSABLE MIND Authors: Roger Martin   SALIENT POINTS + The Differences Between Conventional Thinking And Integrative Thinking + The Process Of Thinking And Deciding + Mapping The Mind - Know Your Personal Knowledge System + A Leap Of Mind - How Integrative Thinkers Connect The Dots   Book Excerpt is published monthly. Email to to inquire for subscription.

Book Excerpt: The Wizard and The Warrior

the wizard
THE WIZARD AND THE WARRIOR Authors: Lee G. Bolman & Terrence E. Deal   Snapshot: Bolman and Deal probe into the essence of leadership - the interplay of passion and power. The book provokes us to understand the immeasurably potential of the wizard and warrior in each of us that can create change and challenge. It dwells on the polarities of leadership - the inspirational on one hand and the tough, practical and sometimes brutal on the other. Laden with historical and contempora...

Book Excerpt: A Whole New Mind

A WHOLE NEW MIND Authors: Daniel H. Pink   SALIENT POINTS + Left - Brain, Right - Brain Superiority of left - brain is a fallacy. Each is different with their distinct functions. + Abundance, Asia and Automation Three potent forces that cause the shift from L – Directed thinking to R - Directed thinking. + The Passing of an Age From information to Conceptual Age. To survive ask three pertinent questions. + Design Is a whole-minded aptitude-must have utility and sign...