Book Excerpt: Innovation


Authors: Stuart Crainer & Des Dearlove

Innovation matters-now more than ever. But why does innovation matter so much in today’s business world? The answer is surprisingly simple. Innovation is where the worlds of business and creativity meet to create new value. There is a paradox here. The fact is, business and creativity are uncomfortable bedfellows. Indeed creative is often a pejorative term in business-think of “creative accounting” or the broad – brush of distrust of “creative in many organizations”. The stereotypical corporate world is full of buttoned-up suits and left-brained rational decision makers, whereas the world we associate with creative endeavour is populated with undisciplined, scruffily clad, right-brained mavericks. It is the seeming disconnect between creativity and business that make innovation so difficult for companies to understand and manage. Yet, manage it they must because the need for innovation is becoming more and more vital to the success of all organization.

Salient Points

+ Innovation used to separate extraordinary companies from average companies. Today, it’s making the difference between those that succeed and those that outright fail.

+ Innovation is where the world of business and creativity meet to create new value.

+ Thinker 50 innovation teach us how to apply the best ideas from the bright minds inbusiness innovation.


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