Book Excerpt: Rise Of The DEO – Leadership By Design

RISE OF THE DEO – Leadership By Design

Authors: Maria Giudice & Christopher Ireland

Snapshot: We live in time where little is predictable. The majority of companies, their employees, and their leaders navigate a space where competitors appear overnight, customers demand innovation monthly, business plan rarely last a full year and career leader have been replaced by trampolines. This environment of incessant, nonlinear change will only accelerate in the future. Traditional CEOs are ill-equipped to survive. Now that companies need agility and imagination, in addition to analytics, it is believe that it’s time to turn to Design as a model of leadership. Historically design changed “things”. More recently it’s changed services and interactions. Looking ahead it will change companies, industries and countries. Leaders who understand the transformative role of design can command in times of change. These leaders are called DEOs-Design Executive Officers-and they are the new heroes. For years, business acumen and creative ability have been siloed. But we live in a time that requires new leadership. We live in a time that requires people look at every business challenge as a design problem solvable with the right mix of imagination and metrics.

Salient Points

+ Rise of the DEO identifies a new generation of leaders who combine traits we typically think of as opposites. They are analytic and creative, rule breakers and system thinkers.

+ Giudice and Ireland provide a simple, detailed path to becoming a successful creative leader. Their collaboration is certain to spark a new generation of executives who learn to lead as designers and designers who might make their way to becoming the next DEO.

+ A new kind of leaders is emerging whose attributes are energetically described in Rise of the DEO…. an inspirational and accessible code-base for effective leadership in the 21st century.

+ We need leaders driven by dreams and data. Rise of the DEO shows us who these leaders are and how we can create more of them.


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