Book Excerpt: The Wizard and The Warrior


Authors: Lee G. Bolman & Terrence E. Deal


Snapshot: Bolman and Deal probe into the essence of leadership – the interplay of passion and power. The book provokes us to understand the immeasurably potential of the wizard and warrior in each of us that can create change and challenge. It dwells on the polarities of leadership – the inspirational on one hand and the tough, practical and sometimes brutal on the other. Laden with historical and contemporary examples of leaders. Bolman and Deal instruct us how to wield our inner sword and wand effectively and how notable combatants from Joan of Arc and Lou Gertsner have fared.


+ Confronting the Wizards and Warrior Within
Knowing and acknowledging the coexistence of wizard and warrior within us let us to summon their power in the services of worthy values and purpose.

+ Warrior Roles
Recognizing the characteristics and consequences of each warrior roles enable us to choose one that fits a given situation and to shift accordingly as circumstances change.

+ The Warrior Path
Warrior succeed through a combination of four basic ingredient: heart, mind, skill and weapons.

+ The Wizard Roles
The basic role of the wizard is to create and transform. They use their imagination, insight and wisdom to see beneath the surface and beyond the mundane.

+ Wizard at Work
It need someone to summon and unleash the spirit in any organization. The magic formula centre on values, icons, ritual ceremony and stories.

+ The Leader’s Journey
The warrior’s power and the wizard’s magic can be attained through effort, passion and continual learning. The desire to lead and knowing what we want to achieve and build lead us to embark on our leadership journey.

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