Book Excerpt: The Elegant Solution

Toyota’s Formula for Mastering Innovation

Authors: Matthew E. May


+ The Elegant Solution
It’s about finding the “aha” solution to a problem with the greatest parsimony of efforts and expense. The quest for elegant solution shape true innovation.

+ Three Principles and Ten Practices
In the case of Toyota it is an amalgam of three principles and ten practices the drive or fuel the innovation.

+ The Art of Ingenuity
It is all about applied creativity and it involves engagement and exploration

+ The Pursuit of Perfection
It must be disciplinary not programmatic. It must be the creative core to the daily work of everyone in the organization. That kind of discipline requires a fundamental mind shift.

+ The Rhythm of Fit
What distinguishes great innovation is its ability to serve the changing needs of society.

+ The Ten Practices
From “let the learning lead” to “keep it lean” epitomizes necessary steps to make the innovation work. By identifying the problem, the cause and possible solution it provides the pathway to search for elegant solution.

+ The Clamshell Strategy
Provide the necessary air cover and support from the top, the team does the heavy lifting from the bottom. And a pearl of innovation results.

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