Book Excerpt: Mavericks At Work

Why The Most Original Minds in Business Win

Authors: William C. Taylor & Polly LaBarre


+ Rethinking Competition
Most of the prevalent strategies in business are about mimicry. Maverick leaders think differently. They don’t just strive to build high-performance companies. They create a competitive edge around an edgy critique of their industry. They espouse a fresh view on the world that jived up with customers and energizes the employees. They have a sense of purpose.

+ Reinventing Innovation
Maverick leaders understand the virtues of open-source innovation-their shared knowledge, social contacts, online reputation and computing power becoming a collective force of unprecedented power. They tap it through collaboration, healthy competition and pave the way to build an architecture of participations.

+ Reconnecting with Customers
Connecting with customers is about substance not style. In this era of oversupply, overload and overcrowded, companies that create memorable customers experience and sense of identity will win them over. This is done by evoking their emotion and arouse their feeling of shared ownership and participation.

+ Redesigning Work
Preaching about the human factor in business must be accompanied by practicing the people skills Recruitment must be geared toward getting great people on board. To attract and accommodate them workplace must be designed with a signature approach. Their potential can be unleashed by giving.

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