Book Excerpt: Powerful Times

Author: Eamonn Kelly


>> Making Sense of a Tranformative Era
Learning and understanding the current of underway changes and uncertainty will equip us to face and cope-up with the future as it unfold.

>> Predicting the Present
The seven “dynamic tensions” – multiple, confusing and contradictory forces are largely fueling the transition from our present to our future.
This require us to adopt a “both/and” rather than “either/or” logic.

>> Governance
As the current world order cannot take us through these powerful times, the concept of “global governance” has gained momentum.

>> Innovation
Innovation should be geared toward solving three critical areas: addressing the unmet needs of billions of people still un served by the global economy, creating more sustainable solution and improving approaches and technologies for education and learning.

>> Scenarios for the Next Decade
Any of these scenarios is plausible and elements of each are certain to unfold, the real question is which world will dominate setting the stages for decades to come.

>> Creating Our New Future
We are living through an era of transformation and we will have to learn to adopt to radically different realities. We must match our new global reality with a new global empathy based on acknowledgement that we have never been more interdependent and our interest have never been more inseparable.

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