Public Sector Young Executive Conference

Public Sector Young Executive Conference
10 & 11 February 2009
PICC, Putrajaya

The Public Sector Young Executive Conference 2009 is a crucial initiative of the Malaysia Leadership and Strategy Foundation (YKSM) in collaboration with the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN), Public Service Department, towards developing dynamic young people with leadership skills and the vision to lead. The conference offers public sector young leaders the opportunity to meet with national leaders to learn and understand the complex national and local issues that affect the country and gain a greater understanding of their roles in the service and the responsibilities of leadership.

The conference also aims at capacity building of the youth to ensure positive change in society as it creates a learning experience where participants explore key leadership concepts as well as gain greater self-awareness of their own values and leadership styles. This opportunity to working with other future leaders will enable them to build a strong network, explore new roles for leaders, identify how to manage with uncertainty and change, and enhance their own commitment and motivation as the next generation of leaders to ensure the success of the national agenda.